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In addition to loss of life and injuries, hurricanes cause catastrophic damage to homes and other property.  Experts note that the U.S. is at the begining of a long cycle of frequent hurricanes.  The geographic scope of hurricane vulnerable areas has increased substantially.  Both of these points have been evidenced by number and range of hurricanes over the past few years.  The cost of hurricane damage is enormous.  Insurance companies are continuously increasing rates or even refusing coverage, especialy for incompletely protected properties.

The toughest challenge in hurricane protection is in choosing which product(s) will work best for a particular home or building. There are a myriad of options available. For example, in considering a window opening, do you select impact windows or one of a dozen types of hurricane shutter options?  Most hurricane industry companies specialize in a limited number of such options and would expectedly push those products.

Introduction to Hurricane Proof

Hurricane Proof was created to provide a single source for all categories of hurricane protection. We offer the highest value products and competitive prices with no financial incentive in preferencing any one particular solution.

Hurricane Proof began in 2009 to serve the Palm Beach County, Florida region as a distributor and installation contractor for all of our product categories. We will continue to do installations in Palm Beach County, but have started expanding our product distribution to the entire US and the Caribbean. 

Product Certification

While it is possible to build structures that are completely “hurricane proof”, there are compromises of cost and appearance. Hurricane Proof’s focus is on providing the greatest protection possible in all categories.  We consult with our clients regarding the practicality of each option for their property and often apply multiple solutions for the same building.

All of our trades’ products meet the nation’s toughest hurricane product testing standards, typically those of Miami/Dade. The Miami/Dade testing standards have long been the code requirements for Dade and Broward Counties and have since become the Florida statewide standard for costal locations most vulnerable to hurricanes. These are designated as High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).  The testing for opening protection against hurricane windborne debris required for a Miami-Dade Product Approval include the following:

The Miami-Dade test standards surpass all others in that it does not allow the test missile (9-pound 2x4 at 34 mph) to penetrate the tested unit or protective system (hurricane shutter) and does not allow it to break the glass behind the protective system. Consequently, a protective system that meets the Miami-Dade standard will provide the highest level of protection available in a commercial product. Other standards allow the test missile to penetrate the protective system provided the opening does not increase in size as it is subjected to wind pressures and so long as the hole is small enough so that a 3-inch diameter sphere will not pass through the hole. The focus of these alternative test standards is to prevent pressurization of the building and reduce the chances of additional pressure related failures to the structure.

Proprietary Products

Hurricane Proof has developed new products to satisfy unique client needs or which appeal to the general population. We relish working with our manufacturing partners in creating new innovations. Hurricane Proof’s products will continue to evolve as technologies in the industry improve.

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