Garage Doors

Protection of a building’s door and window openings is one of the most important and affordable defenses against hurricanes. Not only does this protect the interior against wind and rain, window/door protection may make the critical difference between keeping or losing your roof from upload pressures. The largest and most important single opening is the garage door.

To obtain product-approvals in hurricane zones, many garage door manufacturers add bulky reinforcement bars to their standard non-hurricane resistant doors. Our garage door manufacturer makes only hurricane-proof doors and has been doing so for 20 years.

We offer Hurricane Master garage doors featuring a patented steel frame reinforcement system embedded along the perimeter of each door section. This transforms the door into a monolithic wind barrier and magnifies the door’s resistance to the extreme punching and pulling effects of severe windstorms without additional reinforcement. In HVHZ regions, the door’s wind resistance can be further increased with permanently attached slender reinforcement bars on the backside of the door. These supports do not significantly reduce the overall garage space, as do bulky bar supports used by others. Below are the key protection features (and benefits) of our garage doors:

  • Interlocking tongue & groove panel joints (maximum wind and impact-resistance)
  • Built-in structural reinforcement bars (creates monolithic wind-barrier without bulky conventional support bars. Needs only 2-1/4" U-bars to meet strictest wind-codes)
  • Impact resistant 24-guage steel skin (superior resistance to airborne debris and hurricane winds)
  • Reinforced heavy-duty steel side tracks with numerous anchoring brackets (additional strength)
  • Rugged heavy-guage end stiles (structural rigidity and resistance to warping or twisting in high winds)



  • Fastened with pop-rivets and advanced bonding agents (additional strength between fastened members)
  • Hot-dipped Galvanizing Process: Prior to manufacturing, the door's steel skin is sub-merged in a molten zinc bath that galvanizes both sides of the panel to protect against corrosion. 
  • Baked on Primer Undercoating: A baked-on primer undercoat is next applied to both sides of the galvanized steel skin to increase resistance to corrosion and paint adhesion.
  • Baked-on Polyester Top Coat: A flexible baked-on white or almond colored polyester topcoat is added to provide a third corrosion barrier for years of maintenance-free performance.
  • Miami Dade product approval (HVHZ protection and large-missile impact resistance)
  • Door width options are from 4' to 18'2"
  • Deep woodgrain embossed panel design
  • Several window style options (see chart below)
  • Standard door colors are white, beige, bronze & woodgrain 
  • Garage doors can also be painted alternative colors


Our Hurricane Master doors carry a warranty that states that it will have no material defects or defective craftsmanship or DAB will resolve the problem. This is a timeless Transferable Limited Master Warranty that passes from one homeowner to the next so long as the door remains installed on the property.