Hurricane Proof Shade Awnings

Hurricane Proof offers an extensive variety of shade awnings, all of which have superior resistance from hurricane damage compared to standard fixed-frame awnings or open patio roofs. Fixed frame awnings are especially dangerous since in the event of windstorms, they progressively detach from the building and flail around destroying windows, doors and other portions of the building. When fixed awnings do eventually break free, they become airborne creating additional damage. Most of the fixed awnings in the path of the recent hurricanes were damaged or destroyed causing millions of dollars in damage.

While new building codes require fixed-frame awnings to be able to withstand 75mph winds, they must now display warning labels recommending that the fabric be removed for storms stronger than a Category 1. This forces fixed-frame awning owners to estimate the strength of the storm and then proceed with the time-consuming and costly process of cutting the mounting cords, removing and storing the fabric, and reattaching the fabric after the storm. Most of our awnings are retractable making them quick and easy to roll up when a hurricane threatens. We also offer high-tension fabric structures whose fabrics can withstand Category 5 winds without removal.  Hurricane Proof has invented some of our featured awnings, including the bleacher awnings shown below. 

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Retractable Awnings for Sports Bleachers…Protect your spectators from the hot sun and light rain while proudly displaying your school/team/city colors and logo. The bleacher awning was invented by Hurricane Proof. We offer unlimited widths and projections up to 14'. Rolled in, these awnings can withstand 150mph or higher hurricane winds. Awnings are quickly rolled in or out for day-to-day use and easily removed for off-season storage.


The aluminum support posts match the bleacher finish. These supports are typically attached to the bleacher allowing the awning to be repositioned simultaneously with the bleacher.  If necessary, the supports can also be removed.  Conversely, these posts can be mounted directly into the ground in either a permanent or removable fashion similar to our Freestanding Awnings (shown below).


The awning frames are made from corrosive resistant aluminum alloys and stainless steel. The awning is angled parallel to the pitch of the bleachers, thereby maximizing shade and rain protection for the spectators. 


Awning fabric is Sunbrella® 100% mildew-resistent acrylic with over 350 color/pattern options. Fabric back panels (not shown) or even a separate rolldown shade can be mounted to the back of the supports to provide additional shading. Fire retardant fabric is available, if code required.


Logos can be placed on the main fabric, valance and/or back panel. The valance or back panel can carry the logo of an annual sponsor, which can help offset the awning's cost.


Additional bleacher awnings are pictured at bottom.






Retractable Patio Awning…Our retractable patio awnings feature spring-supported “lateral arms” which allow the awnings to be attached to buildings or freestanding columns without the need of vertical support posts. The decorative fabrics for these awnings also roll up on a cylinder which can be hand cranked or motorized. Our motorized awnings have the options of sensors that retract the awning automatically, if motion from high winds are detected. A manual override crank is available in the event of power failure. As with the window shades, frames are made from aluminum alloy with stainless steel tension cables and fasteners. There are hundreds of fabric choices for every type of application. We have built awnings in excess of 50' wide and with projections of up to 17'. An optional roof mount is shown below. This allows the awning to be mounted at a higher elevation, thereby permitting a larger projection awning to be used.


Retractable Lanai Awnings…We also offer an all weather solution for retractable lanai coverings including the building of the lanai itself. The fabric in our lanai awnings is attached to a series of parallel support rails allowing it to repel rain when the awning is pulled out taught. When retracted, the fabric folds up to one side opening the top of the lanai to the sky. While most lanai awnings hang down beneath the support frame, we have modified the system to allow it to be installed above an existing (or newly built) pergola which allows for the addition of fans and lights.




Freestanding Retractable Awnings…This variation using our lateral arm retractable awnings is ideal for shading solutions where there is no building. We build and install heavily anchored support columns to which the awning can be attached. The columns can be finished in metal, coral, wood, or concrete. Awnings can be manual crank or motorized. Residential and commercial solutions are available.

Fixed Awnings and Tension Fabric Structures…We use a partner for traditional fixed frame awnings, which are built in accordance with the new building codes. In addition, we offer tensioned fabric structures that provide sustainable and uniquely decorative weather protection and shading for practically any application. These highly attractive structures are specifically engineered using tension membrane fabric and support structure for a wide variety of residential and commercial solutions. Structures can be designed to withstand Category 5 winds without needing to remove the fabric.



Retractable Window Shades…Our simplest awnings are vertical drop shades or "drop arm” window shades in which the fabric rolls up and down on a cylinder mounted above the window. Frames are built from aluminum alloy with stainless steel fasteners for strength and durability. There are hundreds of decorative fabric choices including Sunbrella acrylic patterns and sunblocking meshes.







Some Additional   

     Client Installations


Multiple Retractable Awnings


Retractable BBQ Shade

Retractable Carport



Commercial Installations (retracted)



Commercial Installations (projected)


Bleacher Awnings - Aquatic Center (retracted)



Bleacher Awnings - Aquatic Center (projected)

Bleacher Awning - Scorer's Table (retracted)


Bleacher Awning - Scorer's Table (projected)

Bleacher Awnig with Logo


Bleacher Awning - retracted