Storage Sheds 

All Purpose Sheds:

Homeowners today use shed-like buildings for many purposes beyond standard storage including art studios, workshops, guest quarters, etc. Despite architectural advances in shed design, many homeowners prefer a more elegant or boutique look, even for sheds being used for simple storage. Hurricane Proof is working with our manufacturing partner to develop a line of sheds that will best meet the preferences of these discriminating clients.

Our sheds can be installed on pre-poured concrete slabs or anchored onto a level ground site with factory flooring. We will also coordinate the addition of amenities such as electrical outlets, lighting, air conditioning, skylights, steps, decks, windows, vents, and other features.





Storage Shed (Aluminum or vinyl exterior):

Heavy duty wood frame storage sheds are engineered to withstand wind loads up to 150mph and satisfy the State of Florida DCA (Department of Community Affairs) building code.  Features include the use of "manufactured home type" anchors, southern yellow pine lumber framing, pressure treated flooring lumber, reinforced corner posts and galvanized steel straps/clips throughout.

Siding options include aluminum, vinyl and fiber-cement (Hardi) plank.  All are resistant to wind, rust, rot and decay. Metal roofs are the strongest option, although vinyl and shingle are also available.  Impact windows and doors are also included.