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Hurricanes have become a growing threat to safety and property:

  • Frequency: The number of annual hurricanes has been steadily increasing.
  • Strength: There have always been Category5 hurricanes, but the number of these catastrophic events has increased.
  • Geographic scope: Impacted areas have vastly increased beyond Caribbean & Southeastern US to the entire east coast.
  • Public vulnerability: Population growth has placed many more people in the path of storms.
  • Property damage: Much more and higher valued property is now vulnerable leading to increased property losses.
  • Insurance protection: Insurers are tightening up by raising rates, increasing deductibles and restricting coverage.
  • Future: There is no relief in sight for any of the above and experts predict most will get worse.

There are a myriad of methods and products available. The toughest challenge in hurricane protection is in choosing which product(s) will work best for a particular home or building. For example, in considering a window opening, do you select impact windows or one of a dozen types of hurricane shutter options?  Most hurricane industry companies specialize in a limited number of such options and would expectedly push those products.