Hurricane Shutters


Hurricane Shutters


Hurricane Shutters


Retractable Shade Awnings


Retractable Shade Awnings

(Commercial & Bleacher)

Rolldown Screens

(Solar & Insect)

Hurricane Proof Overview

The facts don’t lie.

With an average $24 billion in annual damage for the last 3 years, hurricanes are no longer an occasional and random threat. Experts confirm that we have just entered a long cycle of more frequent and powerful hurricanes. Insurers are tightening up by raising rates, increasing deductibles and restricting coverage. The US Congressional Budget office reports that this magnitude of hurricane damage is unsustainable relative to our economic growth. A market solution is needed and property protection is the answer.

Our Mission

Hurricane Proof is a hurricane protection and storm resistant product supplier for homes and businesses. As a “one-stop-shop” for all types of hurricane protection, Hurricane Proof is designed to become the leader in this market. Using our extensive experience in product procurement, installation and service, we have identified and offer only the top quality products in each category at the most competitive prices. We cover the entire process of hurricane protection including product option consultation, sales, delivery/exportation, installation support and product service.